Notary Service

Notarial Services Attorney

Notarial Services Attorney is a person who is qualified to certify the signature of a person who signs the documents in front of him or certify that the copy of the document is a true copy to the original or certify the translator who translates documents or make other types of certifications including signing as witness in such documents. Most of the notarized documents will be used in foreign countries or foreign embassies located in Thailand.

Foreigners may probably have good knowledge and are familiar with the Notary Public, however, they may not know whether currently Thailand has persons who perform the same duties as Notary Public or not? And who are they?

At present, Thailand has a person who can perform duties as Notary Public that is a lawyer who was licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand, and that lawyer need to have a license to notarize signatures and documents from the Lawyers Council as an additional license so that the lawyer will be called a Notarial Services Attorney who shall truly have the same power as the Notary Public

In 2003, The Lawyers Council of Thailand has stipulated the requirements for registering as a lawyer who is entitled to certify signatures and documents and has organized a Notarial Services Attorney training course for lawyers who want to perform the duties and has issued the licenses to lawyers who have passed the said training course. If you want a Notarial Services Attorney to certify copies of documents, translators, signatures, persons or certify any facts or information. According to the requirements of the Lawyers Council of Thailand, there are several types of the notarization as follows: 

We provide signatures and documents notarization service by an attorney who has both attorney at law license and Notarial Services Attorney license. All documents notarized by our attorney are valid and applicable both in Thailand and in other countries.